Become a wholehearted leader and set the standard for a truly differentiated way of doing business.

I help highly motivated individuals and teams go “all in” as leaders, achieving sustainable business growth and personal peak performance by bringing their whole selves to work and inspiring others to do the same.

Whether I work 1:1 or in teams, I shine a light on the best of who you are, using unique methodologies and tools to help you step into your greatness. I help you identify and leverage your unique blend of core strengths, values, and experiences. When you engage in executive leadership coaching, you’ll discover firsthand how your innate strengths can help you live, lead, and achieve courageously.

Executive & High Potential Leadership Coaching

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions to help executive and high potential leaders achieve their personal and professional goals. All leadership coaching is tailored to your specific needs. This high level customization allows you to grow your leadership capacity and develop specific skills with a toolkit for improving personal effectiveness, encouraging sustainable business growth, becoming self-correcting, and gaining perspective on your own actions and the actions of others…even after coaching is complete.

How it works: During our time together, I create a safe harbor with respect and confidentiality to allow you to discuss, debrief, brainstorm, reframe, and explore new possibilities for the issues that are most important to you.

Read a detailed description of six-step coaching process HERE.

Coaching for Executive Leadership Teams

I facilitate group coaching for executive leadership teams who want to cultivate wholehearted leadership throughout their organization and propel business growth by fostering more cohesive and collaborative working relationships. We focus on creating alignment, inspiring commitment, and strengthening the team as a whole.

How it works: I develop a customized approach for the specific needs of every team. I facilitate group meetings with open, honest discussions in a safe, respectful setting.

Results: Working with me, wholehearted leaders and leadership teams expand their leadership capacity to:

  • Solve problems and make confident decisions
  • Keep calm under pressure
  • Build, strengthen and sustain high value relationships
  • Navigate change
  • Manage complexity, chaos, and overwhelm
  • Build resiliency
  • Balance and grow emotional intelligence competencies
  • Clarify their values, identify and leverage their unique strengths
  • Clarify their mission and vision, short-term goals and longer-term objectives, and next action steps
  • Illuminate blind spots and eliminate derailing behaviors or other obstacles holding back or getting in the way of success
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Assimilate to new roles and responsibilities
  • Develop an authentic leadership style that attracts and inspires

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