Leading with Light

What does it mean to lead with light? 

There is light in each of us. When leaders grow self-awareness in knowing who they are and living their core values and strengths, light emerges from within and shines brightest. Light itself also illumines the path for leaders to grow situational awareness of where they are in the moment, set goals and chart compass direction, thereby opening up a channel of curiosity for learning, exploring, and discovery. Seeing light in others, leaders encourage and challenge others to shine their own lights and become their highest and best.

 Working with thousands of leaders across all functional areas, from a wide variety of industries, from global companies to small businesses, I’ve seen what brings out the best in leaders. These are best practices and simple tools that will enable you to grow as a leader. You’ll be fully seen as your brightest and most authentic self, courageous in exploring new vistas, pursuing goals with tenacity, and manifesting your vision to reality. You will build stronger relationships, grow resilience in navigating change, and learn and grow from setbacks and disappointments. 

 YOU are a beacon of light! Own it. 

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