Rising Strong™

“We can’t chart a brave new course until we recognize exactly where we are, get curious about how we got there, and decide where we want to go.”

                                                                                                                                   ~ Dr. Brené Brown

For leaders, entrepreneurs, organization change makers, and culture shifters. If you or someone you know have had a setback, made mistakes, failed, experienced job loss, downsized your first team member, received or gave hard news in the last year or if you want to be able to go through tough experiences and come out the other side stronger then this full day workshop is for you. Yes, there is a process to getting back up from failure, hurt and mistakes and I’ll be walking you through the whole process.


If we care enough and dare enough, we will experience disappointment, heartbreak and failure. Rising Strong™ is a unique hands on learning experience, designed to have us own our stories of struggle, reckon with emotion and rumble with the challenges that come with living an authentic and whole-hearted life – all in service of writing our own daring endings. It represents Dr. Brené Brown’s latest research in areas of vulnerability and shame. This one day workshop will offer insights in:

  • A process for rising after failure, disappointment and loss ~ it helps us see that it is exactly in those places of struggle that we can rise strong.
  • The physics of vulnerability ~ ten guidelines for rising after a fall.
  • The power of story in our lives and how stories drive our emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
  • The major emotional offloading strategies we use and how they move us away from our values.
  • How to recognize and capture the stories we make up when faced with struggle.
  • What it means to rumble with emotions like shame, guilt, anxiety, blame, accountability, resentment, grief, forgiveness, and perfectionism.
  • How to write our own daring endings to our tough stories.

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