I deliver interactive presentations, host conversations, give keynote talks, or blend of all of these into inspirational speaking tailored to your audience. I present a variety of themes and topics around leading well and wholehearted leadership.

I draw on my business and finance leadership and coaching experience working with inspirational leaders. I also share insights and perspectives from the highly successful leaders interviewed in my book Leading Well: The Essence of Wholehearted Inspirational Leaders.

My speaking topics include:

• Leading Well: Guideposts for Wholehearted Leadership
• Building Innovation and Creativity: The Art of Continuous Learning
• Leading from the Inside and Out: Maximizing the Brain, Mind and Relationships for Peak Performance
• Leveraging Your Strengths and Growing Your Leadership Style
• Building High Value Relationships
• A Double-Edged Sword: Navigating Greed and Ethics in Leadership
• Leadership and Career Strategies for Executives in Transition

To book a customized presentation that expands the leadership mindset of your teams, CONTACT ME.

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