What Coaching Is

Leadership coaching is a process designed to help executives and high potential emerging leaders sustain business growth and achieve personal peak performance.

Coaching is organized time and a safe environment to address short-term issues and long-term goals. Your coach is a sounding board, a thought partner, and accountability partner who works with and for you with no agenda other than your success.

  • Context: You and your coach explore the current opportunities, challenges, and circumstances in both your personal and professional life. Together you discuss what’s working well, what can be broadened and built upon, and what changes may be desired.
  • Readiness: Once the context has been clarified, do you want to do anything about it at this time?
  • Connectedness: The success of coaching depends on your personal rapport and a mutual trust relationship with your coach.

At its heart, leadership coaching improves the quality of your thinking in order to improve the quality of your performance.

As your coach, I will help you improve the quality of your thinking in three ways:

  • As a sounding board I will listen and help remove distractions and common interruptions, so you can slow down and think more deeply about the issues at hand and your options for the future.
  • As a thinking partner I will provide customized personal development tools and resources that can help you reframe and shift your perspective. You’ll be able to think more broadly as you explore possibilities and discover new solutions.
  • As an accountability partner I will help you stay on track and focused on what’s most important. You’ll declare your next action steps for pursuing near-term goals and longer-term hopes and dreams.

Coaching also improves your ability to make confident decisions, keep calm under pressure, build high value relationships, navigate change, build resiliency, and manage complexity more effectively.


My leadership and coaching philosophy

Great leaders affirm and empower others. I seek to do the same for my clients.

As a coach, I meet you where you are, learn what makes you unique and successful, and help you broaden and build on your blend of core strengths, values, and experiences.

I listen, ask curious questions, and hold up a mirror to clarify what’s most important to you. I enjoy my role as a trusted confidante who remains loyal throughout challenges and celebrates your successes.

There are many approaches to executive coaching. Mine derives from my real life experience in finance and operations leadership and my extensive coaching training.

I use a variety of assessments, tools, and processes for balancing and growing emotional intelligence in knowing yourself, managing yourself, understanding others, and managing relationships. I also embrace and extend into leadership The Daring Way™, a highly experiential methodology which incorporates Dr. Brené Brown’s research on vulnerability, courage, resiliency, and worthiness to help people learn how to show up, be seen, and live braver lives.

My philosophy is that little things can make a very big difference. When you align your attention and focus with your intention and desires, the result is positive forward action—and often a transformational shift.

Change is a stressor in our lives. But it is also where learning, growth, exploration, discovery, exhilaration, and even fun happens. When we let go of some of our past and step forward with anticipation of new beginnings, we create a compelling vision of a preferred future. When we shift our focus away from the problem to the solution, we open new channels in the brain and liberate ourselves to explore new vistas. We see more clearly, and we are stronger with greater intention and purpose.

Wholehearted leaders, while unique, share the willingness and ability to show up as themselves. They draw out the best in others by living their own lives with bold confidence, enthusiasm, and zeal. They model what leading and living well look like and invite us to do the same.

It takes hard work and a lot of courage for both individuals and collective groups to create a safe environment culture and enable everyone to tell the truth. But when leaders set the example, enthusiasm becomes contagious, and it cascades throughout the organization.

For me there is nothing more fulfilling than building, strengthening, and sustaining high value relationships. I believe that building healthy relationships that encourage and support mutual growth and respect is a successful business strategy as well.

My clients not only expand their greatness as leaders, they often make positive changes that provide more joy and fulfillment in their careers and families.

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