I offer highly experiential full- and half-day workshop sessions for individual leaders as well as corporate leadership teams. These sessions explore a variety of topics in cutting edge leadership and emotional intelligence.

Daring Leadership™

Every day we experience the uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure that define what it means to be vulnerable. Based on the pioneering research of Dr. Brené Brown, this work dispels the cultural myth that vulnerability is weakness and argues that it is, in truth, our most accurate measure of courage. Vulnerability is indeed at the core of difficult emotions, but it is also the birthplace of creativity and innovation, authenticity, adaptability to change and accountability – the key elements that every business needs to survive and thrive.

In Daring Leadership™ you will learn how to:

  • Model vulnerability and transparency and expect it of others, creating a climate of risk-tolerance and unfiltered trust.
  • Normalize the discomfort of courageous conversations and master the art of giving, receiving and soliciting engaged feedback that moves people and processes forward.
  • Re-humanize the workplace and eliminate shame and blame as management styles.
  • Cultivate an environment where empathy is a valued asset, accountability is an expectation rather than an exception, and the human need for belonging is honored.

NOTE: Daring Leadership™ can be expanded to multiple half-day or full day sessions, intensive two or three day intensives, offsite retreats, or learning sessions over several weeks.

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Leading Well

What does it mean to you to be “all in” as a leader? Great workplaces and great bosses allow others to bring their whole selves to work because they first do this for themselves. How can we lead ourselves, build cohesive teams and develop our teams to be our highest and best?

Based on cutting edge research and interviews with high potential, developing and emerging leaders experiencing very positive professional and personal growth and moving up in the organization, this highly effective program reveals what great leaders do, why we struggle, and what distinguishes wholehearted leaders from all the rest.

In Leading Well, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the guidepost behaviors and actions for wholehearted living and leadership, what to cultivate and others to let go
  • Explore opportunities for cultivating daily practices of authenticity and wholeheartedness
  • Improve empathy skills
  • Practice asking for what you need and talking about how you feel
  • Practice and understand the importance of gratitude in living and leading wholeheartedly

Growing Emotional Intelligence

Participants will develop tools to enhance their professional and personal peak performance by balancing and growing their emotional intelligence. Participants will develop an understanding and application of core competencies for knowing and managing themselves and growing situational and social awareness by understanding others and building high value relationships.

Benefits of Growing Emotional Intelligence include:

  • Identification of specific opportunities for balancing and growing your emotional intelligence by optimizing self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal relationships, decision-making and stress management
  • Raised self- and situational awareness for addressing current challenges
  • Improved understanding of the drivers of behavior in yourself and others
  • Developed self-mastery for keeping calm under pressure and managing emotions in the moment
  • Improved self-motivation for peak performance, wellbeing, and building resilience with your “bounce back” flexibility and stress tolerance factors
  • Increased understanding of the relationship between empathy and trust
  • Establishing trust by developing listening, leadership, influence and social skills

NOTE: This session includes an EQ-i 2.0 assessment and debrief.

How to Build Creativity and Innovation

Participants will be challenged to resist downloading old solutions to new problems and think outside of the box, using innovative approaches and perspectives to discover new solutions and responses to current challenges, situations, and circumstances. Participants will process important and immediate challenges in an interactive activity with a high level of trust and positivity among peers, learn how to generate ways of framing issues, develop new approaches, and create innovative ideas for responding to challenges in a rapid collective experience.

Benefits of How to Build Creativity and Innovation include:

  • Working collaboratively in groups with an innovative approach to create ideas and process solutions to real challenges and situations
  • Development of empathic listening and inquiry skills
  • Understanding of the relationship between vulnerability and courage
  • Identifying personal core values and living them
  • Identify specific behaviors that align with values and people who support those efforts

Building High Value Relationships

Participants will develop skills for building, strengthening and sustaining relationships, and expanding their personal network. They will also practice building rapport, developing trust in short time frames, communicating with clarity and elegance, developing an authentic leadership style that leverages strengths and unique differentiators, and using tools to eliminate unproductive behaviors and resolve conflict.

Be an Effective Coach

An interactive session to understand how and when coaching can be utilized as a methodology and process for developing others with greater focus, awareness of choice and moving to positive action through personal self-discovery. Participants will have an introduction and experiential practice with coaching models and tools for goals clarification, exploring options, solutions and strategies, and action steps for improved performance.

How to Become a Servant Leader

Servant leadership empowers others to lead and perform at peak performance by focusing on the growth and wellbeing of others with alignment of vision and shared values. This session will explore the philosophy, practices, characteristics and art of servant leadership, and creating and cultivating a servant leadership culture mindset, behaviors and attitudes for developing individual leaders, building cohesive teams and cascading throughout the organization.

Leveraging Strengths and Growing Your Leadership Style

Participants will discover and clarify their unique strengths and differentiators how to leverage them to develop an authentic leadership style that attracts and inspires.

Benefits of Leveraging Strengths and Growing Your Leadership Style include:

  • Identify individual and collective team strengths and how to optimize them
  • Developing skills and tools for building, strengthening and sustaining high value relationships
  • Practice building rapport and establishing personal credibility and trust in short time frames
  • Learn how to communicate with clarity and elegance
  • Learn tools to identify blind spots, eliminate unproductive behaviors and resolve conflict 

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